Real Estate in Switzerland

Switzerland’s real estate market has increasingly become the focus of foreign investors and people moving to
this country.

» Switzerland’s spatial concept
» Switzerland’s real estate market

Switzerland’s central location, its desirability as a corporate headquarters location and country of residence,
has caused a rise in the demand for real estate.

The reliability of the country’s Land Register is instrumental in maintaining and increasing property values.

» Land Register, information systems

A well-performing economy and stable currency further add to the long-term viability of real estate investments.

» Investor strategy
» Due diligence in real estate and Real estate valuation
» Real estate investment decision
» Real estate purchase and Real estate financing
» Use of real estate
» Real estate development

Advantages of locating in Switzerland:

  • low production costs , liberal employment laws
  • skilled workforce, top-rated universities
  • favorable legal forms for businesses (corporate law; distribution rights)
  • excellent purchasing power
  • outstanding payment ethics, effective payment enforcement
  • moderate taxation
  • a healthy economy
  • a stable currency
  • first-class, internationally connected banks
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