Real estate agents

To improve its image, the real estate industry offers various vocational training models, including for agents.
Swiss real estate agents do not require a license, except rental agents and agricultural property agents.
Agents’ contracts are subject to OR 412 ff., Swiss Code of Obligations. Certain regulations and cantonal
law must also be observed.


The following principles apply:

  • two kinds of commission:
    • directing a client to a property
    • complete transaction
  • agents insist on an exclusive contract
  • more than one agent is possible in cases of merely directing a client to a given property and
    disclosure of this fact to the client.


Agency commission is subject to negotiation.

  • major properties: < 1 %
  • multi-family dwellings: 1 – 2 %
  • single-family dwellings: 2,5 % – 3 %
  • owner-occupied apartments/condos: 3 %

Next to commission, marketing costs such as documentation, copies of situational plans and blueprints,
advertising and web portal entries, etc., are billed at cost.

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Foreign real estate agencies

Because cross-border real estate activity raises certain legal and taxation issues, these should be clarified before
commissioning an agent.

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