Real estate categories


The Land Register records::

  • buildings
  • mines
  • individual and permanent rights
    • property with development rights
  • property co-ownership
    • apartment / condominium ownerships

Regarding property with development rights

» Use of real estate: Development rights

Regarding apartment or condominium ownership (A/CO)

Ownership of apartments/condominiums, often entire floors, is defined differently in Switzerland. Apartment/condominium ownership is governed by a specific co-ownership formula that includes special
rights of exclusive use and interior finish of parts of a building.

Further information

» (German)
» (German)

Property categories


Apart from culturally and esthetically outstanding buildings, any property design is possible provided spatial use
and environmental compatibility rules are observed. Building categories are the same throughout the country:

  • Residential
    • multi-family dwellings
    • single-family dwellings
    • duplexes
    • owner-occupied apartments/condos
    • vacation apartments, second homes
  • Commercial
    • Boffice buildings
    • commercial buildings
  • Dedicated buildings (operational)
    • hotels
    • restaurants
    • leisure centers
    • shopping malls, trading centers
    • factory outlets
    • building supplies stores
    • multi-storey car parks
    • highrises
    • hospitals
    • care centers
    • retirement homes
    • logistic centers
    • industrial buidlings.

Big buildings

The population is conflicted – they are in favor of the jobs and tax revenue of big buildings but hate their
environmental impact. Generally, big buildings are subject to the same regulations as other buildings and
facilities. Special regulations or permit processes apply in cases of:

  • incompatibility with existing city planning
  • incompatibility with existing zoning
  • permit requirements for special use
  • waiver of site or development regulations in cases of mixed use
  • mandatory environmental compatibility studies and coordination obligations.
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