Switzerland’s spatial concept

Urban and rural planning

Because in Switzerland land is a precious commodity, the Federal Government, the cantons, cities and townships
share in a concept of the economical use of land, specifically:

  • residential development limited to built-up areas
  • preservation of green zones and open spaces to increase quality of life
  • coordination of built-up areas with the transport network
  • retaining and increasing the value of open spaces
  • raising competitiveness
  • innovation and adding value through …
    • a network of metropolitan areas
      • Zurich
      • Basel
      • Geneva region
      • Bern region
      • Lucerne
      • built-up areas of the canton of Ticino
      • Jura arc
      • Aare river region
      • north-eastern Switzerland
    • supra-regional rural and tourist centers
      • Gotthard
      • south-western Switzerland
      • south-eastern Switzerland
  • supra-regional expansion of living space.

A draft plan for the canton of Zurich

  • limits built-up areas
  • promotes projects of greater density.

Regions are encouraged to

  • create space for major trades and industries
  • promote highrises.

These facts affect real estate investment and real estate’s appearance, density and market value,
not to mention the value of location.

Polycentric spatial development

Urban and rural planning in Switzerland (PDF, 110 KB)

cf. “Raumkonzept Schweiz” 2011; by Bundesamt für Raumentwicklung ARE

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